Power sector & Climate tech

The power sector holds some of the largest opportunities for value creation. By 2050, 95% of electricity generation will come from fossil free sources. Why wait to move to a net-zero scenario!

Europe and North America offer strong renewable and climate markets with numerous new opportunities across the entire value chain, from technology equipments to low emission generation, grid modernization and storage.
Climate tech and sustainable innovations are transforming urban environment. All public and private sectors  will have to change for the world to decarbonize upending mature markets and creating new opportunities  

Energy transition will bring solid growth and performance in Europe and in North America for the next 20 years. Energy storage cost are falling and batteries start to compete for power grid.

CETA and TTIP Trade agreements will accelerate commerce and business transactions in this growing sector

We spot green business opportunities and we provide  Impact management consulting services as well: Co2 Impact measurement & management, stakeholders impacts analysis, ESG risks and opportunities.

Clients turn to Infranext Capital because they know our deep business expertise and our commitment to their success.

Areas of expertise

  • Renewables
  • Energy efficiency
  • Co2 capture & conversion
  • Bio fuels
  • RNG
  • Energy Storage
  • Mini grids and new generation networks
  • Grid modernization technologies
  • Advanced meetering
  • Waste and Water efficiency
  • Circular economy