A transparent methodology tailored to assist brands, small and mid-cap, families, LP,GP investors in measuring and managing the impact of their investments and activities

Standardized Impact metrics & analytics

  • Theory of change
  • Measurements, analysis, datas
  • Data driven impact performance
  • ESG risks and opportunities
  • Impact intelligence
  • A,B,C classification and IRIS+
  • UN SDG & EU green taxonomy aligned

A“De-Risking approach” for  project owners, LPs,GPs investors and lenders

  • Estimate impact value creation or erosion
  • Internal and external climate risks assessement & mitigation
  • Positive or negative impacts on people & society,
  • Credible third party audits and due diligences

A response to stakeholders for transparency

  • Disclosure of ESG impact of capital on society
  • Aligned with international standards :IMP, SDG EU taxonomy
  • Clients and lenders can make concious choices
  • They can chose how they spend, invest and lend

Our transparent methodology disclose capital impacts and effects. Impacts on people, society and natural environment may affect enterprise value. Impact management allows better risk management and business opportunities. 

New and essential “Go to”

Assess, mitigate, ser goals and report capital impacts on people and natural environment contributes to a better risk management, helps investors with fund raising and counterparties negociations

Unique & Transparent

Impact measurement & management is a unique and transparent methodolgy  to help LP.GP investors  and organizations in their investment transactions and business decisions.

We support diverse organizations

All private & public organizations, investors have the tools they need to improve their sustainability impacts. We help them to consolidate their sustainability resources, addressing gaps and identifying new opportunities

Countries of expertise

  • Canada & USA
  • France & EU Countries
  • India, Singapore and South east Asia
  • China and north Asia
  • Australia, New Zealand
  • French overseas territories, New Caledonia, French Polynesia

“…We facilitate sustainable transactions and opportunities between North American and European organizations  including M&A,  joint ventures, strategic development services, and impact management services…”

                         Solange Strom Co-founder