Development & Strategic Services

If context is everything, in time of disruption transition to net-zero is a fundamental pilar of business strategy

To pursue international growth, companies need to demonstrate that they are knowledgeable about a region’s social, cultural, and geopolitical climate, its pricing and tax structures, and that they understand consumer market behaviors and ESG climate challenges.

Our mission is to help clients to realize their full potential and to achieve their desired goals


M&A is one of the fastest way to growth internationally. We help you to set your M&A strategy to deliver the best deal value, to navigate risks and impacts complexity, to negotiate the best terms and manage the post deal integration process.

Strategic Alliances

Alliances and joint ventures (JV) are on the rise and represent great alternative options for inorganic growth over traditional M&A. We help you to find the suitable paths, partners and appropriate governance to build long term and successful businesses. Capability to navigate in different environment is a success key.

Organic Growth

Organic growth, if well executed and actively supported by local leaders and deal makers is a solution to align cost with business strategy. We help you to support your corporate strategy, differentiate your capabilities, disclose your positive ESG impact and accelerate profitable growth.

Development & Strategic Services

  • Strategic entry and exit
  • Organic/Inorganic growth options
  • Opportunities for improved IRR
  • M&A Strategy
  • Deal Origination
  •  Capital Raising
  • Technical Assistance interventions
  • Technical Assistance facilities ( TAFs)

Strategic Alliances, Positioning, Representation

  • Theory of change ( TOC)
  • Business model transformation
  • Strategic vision & Tactical solutions
  • Corporate narrative and positioning
  • Partner search & screen
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Representation, Directorship, Governance
  •  Interim CEO/COO management

Organic Growth Strategy

  • Growth Strategy Implementation
  • Value engineering
  • Operational enhancement
  • Capital Projects (PPP’s)
  • Project Financing & Capital Raising
  • Capital structure optimization
  • Bid Submission & Commercial Agreement Support
  • Negociation support
  • Project Management

We are proud to help clients to realize their full potential and to achieve their desired goals

“…We are the sole transatlantic transaction boutique with foundations in Canada and France specialized in low emission SMEs deals coupled with impact management services. Our results oriented executives are former international CEOs, experts in their respective field with a perfect mix of Investment, Entrepreneurship and Corporate experience…”

Xavier PIETRI Co-founder

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