Stay ahead of the competition by integrating your Impact in your business decisions

We are dedicated to help small and mid-cap entrepreneurs, LP, GP investors and families to succeed  localy and internationaly in a surging net-zero world

Transactions : Mergers & Acquisitions, Divestures

We identify and contact low emission targets, undertake preliminary due diligence and valuation, assist in formulating offers, coordinate due diligence and structure transactions while remaining committed from origination to closing. We advise in post M&A integration, assets performance. We monitor the organization impacts and identify sustainable topics. We estimate Impact value creation. We may propose “capital respiration” Spin off analysis


Impact Management Services – IMS

We qualify the potential impacts of your project universe by impact assements. We measure and analyse qualitative, quantitative and physical impacts, ESG risks and opportunities, stakeholders impact analysis. We monitor impact evolution along the way and we benchmark environmental performance. We help public and private organizations to measures how their impacts create, preserve or erode value for people and natural environment


Development & Strategic Services

We propose market entry strategy and positioning, we identify join venture partners and growth opportunities and we represent your company and your interests: marketing & distribution agreements, bid submissions, consortium participations, strategic alliances, directorships and representations. We propose branding adjustments and we assess your ESG impacts. We estimate your Impact value creation



What set us apart

  • New, transparent, impact measurement process
  • Unique in Transactions and Strategic advices
  • Estimate Impact, Value creation/erosion
  • Rational response to the pressure from stakeholders and lenders

Impact Management Services “IMS” supports organizations, LP,GP investors and lenders in measuring, managing and monitoring their Impact along the way. With IMS they can choose how they spend, invest and lend  


Our reputation lies in our industry expertise , our perfect preparation and a commitment to deliver value in all we do.

North American Desk: TORONTO Ontario.

Toronto is the economic engine of Canada and 4th largest city in  North America with access to a market of 430 million consumers. Toronto is in the Top 5 Capitals for finance, business and culture after London, New York and Singapore. Doing Business in and from Toronto is easy with low operating costs, competitive tax rates (15.5% for small businesses) and a stable, educated and diversified labor force. Canadians adhere to new products and services and if you hit the right note your business is likely to be durable thanks to a loyal client base and expandable in the US. Toronto is also the first RMB trading hub in America and offers strong economic relationships with China. Canada’s largest city is one of the world’s hottest spots for technology. Today, established technology companies like Alphabet and up-and-comers like Shopify have strong presences in Toronto. With a strong economy, magnificent scenery and an excellent social security system Canada is a dream expat destination

European Desk: PARIS and LYON France.

With a central position in Europe and unique infrastructure systems, France is a great place to set up a business in free exchange market of 500 million people. With 31 of the 500 biggest companies in the world in 2015, France ranks fourth in the Fortune Global 500, ahead of Germany and the UK. Since 2009 new business status for anyone wishing to establish a company in France, offering tax breaks and a more streamlined company registration has been created. As the result France is recognize as a place of innovation with a proven history of start-up business stories. With a very well educated work force, strong R&D capabilities, unique cultural environment and government research and business incentives France welcomes more and more international enterprises. Our recent partnership in Lyon allows us to expand our presence and services in and from Auvergne Rhone Alpes region up to Switzerland.