An advisory practice tailored to serve the unique needs of small and mid-cap, LP,GP investors and families with impact considerations in business strategies to achieve their long term goals

Infranext Capital provides sound judgment. Our client relationships are built on trust and discretion

We help clients to achieve better deals and create value through mergers, acquisitions, disposal and restructuring. We work upstream with them to evaluate the right strategy before the deal, execute their deals, identify critical issues of negotiation and value, and propose transformations to deliver improvements and synergies after the deal. With focus on impact management to mitigate ESG risks, we improve business performance and facilitate project financing

Mergers and Acquisitions

We evaluate potential targets or merger partners as well as financial and strategic alternatives. We advise on ESG, climate strategy, timing, structure, financing, pricing, and we assist in negotiating and closing transactions.


We advise on sales and auctions. We may also advise on financial and strategic alternatives to a sale, such as recapitalizations and spin-offs.


We help clients realize value from corporate assets, with impact strategies for optimizing business portfolios. We advise on all aspects of execution, seeking success for shareholders.

By working together across border we leverage Infranext Capital transatlantic network
of relationships and expertise to generate socially and environmentally friendly transactions


Buyers, Sellers, Value, Negotiation

  • How do we get ready to sell?
  • What is the most efficient manner to grow by acquisition?
  • Can I obtain financing?
  • When is the right time to sell?
  • Do I have the right capital structure?
  • What is my business worth?
  • What multiples are being paid?
  • Who are the buyers?

Industries expertise

  • Consumer/Retail/CG
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality and restauration
  • Renewable, Power, Distribution
  • Infrastructures PPP’s
  • Co2 management & conversion, climate tech
  • Environment, waste & water, recycling
  • Energy efficiency, Facility management
  • Mobility, Urban tech
  • Education, Health &Training